Mulch Installation

Mulch can be tedious, the color fades year to year here in Minnesota. Let us help you with some new mulch installation this season to spice up your Landscape! Maybe you have been thinking about trying a new color? We have a variety of options to choose from! 

Rock Installation

Rock Installation is tough, but with our equipment and hard working personable team, we can make quick work of it for you! 

Weed Picking

Weeds in your landscape are resilient, they never give up! This is why we have a weed picking program where you can have us come out weekly, every other week, or once a month. This ensures that we are on top of the weeds and they do not take away from the beauty of your outdoor scenery.  

Shrub Trimming

To solidify the health of your shrubs, often times they need to be trimmed up to 3 times a season. You can sign up for our shrub trimming program to make sure they live the long life they deserve.